5 Reasons You Should Visit The Smokies

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A Change Of Scenery

These days it's easy to get stuck in a rut of the same routine. So what could be better than replacing your view of a desk with a view of the mountains? Nothing! Take advantage of the Smoky Mountains—the only free national park in the country. The transition of seasons makes hiking to lookouts and cruising on scenic drives in the Smokies even more enjoyable and refreshing than normal. And if you do need to do some work while changing your scenery we have cabins that are the perfect place to setup your remote office!

Rest & Relaxation

Everyone knows about the entertaining dinner shows and attractions, but there are also so many peaceful and relaxing things to do in the Smokies. Take a quiet nature walk or rent a bike and ride on one of the greenways, followed by dinner at a nice restaurant, and then relax in your cabin's Hot Tub for the evening. The mountains are a refreshing and peaceful way to enjoy any break.

Diverse Wildlife

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most biodiverse park in the National Park system. Over 19,000 species have been identified here and scientists believe there could be 80,000-,100,000 more! The park is also the center of diversity for salamanders and is home to more than 200 species of birds, 68 species of mammals, 67 native fish species, 39 species of reptiles, and 43 species of amphibians.  Some of the more common animals you will see in the park include white-tailed deer and black bears. Take a walk and see what species you can find in the Smoky Mountains!

To learn more about the biodiversity in Great Smoky Mountain National Park visit this National Park Service Page

Trails, Trails, and More Trails!

The Smokies are home to more than 850 miles of trails.  With so many choices it can be hard to narrow down what to see. Our best part about the hiking trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is that there ia a trail for every skill level. Whether you’re looking for a kid-friendly hike or something more challenging, we can help you find something perfect for you.  Start by deciding what you would like to see. Waterfalls? Old-growth forests? Endless views? Then decide how far you would like to hike. 

To learn more about hiking in the Smoky Mountains, check out the National Park Service website at Plan Your Visit - Hiking

Incredible Memories

The best vacations create long-lasting memories with your loved ones, and that’s what a visit to the Smoky Mountains will do. Put away the phones, enjoy the incredible mountain scenery and spend quality time together. Your family will never forget the time you saw your first black bear in Cades Cove or the time you made it to the top of Clingmans Dome to catch the sunrise! Don't forget your camera so you can capture some of these special moments to remember forever.